To make it easier to find service and to insure immediate crisis intervention:
This Toll-free information, referral and CRISIS information line is the first of its kind in the Nation!

LinkVet- The veterans Linkage Line is for Minnesota Veterans and their family members.

The toll-free customer service line will provide information referrals, immediate CRISIS intervention and psychological counseling
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call: 1-888-LINKVET



Around the nation…and around the world…more than two million deployed military personnel and hospitalized veterans struggle with the hardships associated with being far from home. Unfortunately, the cost of long distance telephone calls can create a severe strain on a slender military pay packet or the depleted finances of an older veteran.

Launched in 1996, VFW Operation Uplink is an innovative program that provides free pre-paid phone cards to active-duty military personnel and hospitalized veterans. Through the generous support of VFW and Ladies Auxiliary VFW Posts and members, and other caring citizens, VFW Operation Uplink has already distributed millions of prepaid phone cards.


Since the events of September 11, 2001, the need for VFW Operation Uplink phone cards has risen dramatically. Thousands of troops have been deployed, many for a year or more. Countless phone cards have been distributed to Afghanistan, Iraq and other "hot spots” around the world to ease the pain of separation and keep morale high for America’s defenders.

In 2006, VFW Operation Uplink began hosting "Free Call Days” throughout Iraq. On special holidays like Independence Day and Christmas, troops can call home at no charge from more than 200 Internet cafes for a full 24-hour period.


Reaching home becomes even more critical in times of crisis or emergency. That’s why VFW Operation Uplink regularly springs to action to provide VFW Operation Uplink phone cards in response to national or military tragedies. In addition, VFW Operation Uplink phone cards are regularly distributed just prior to deployments.

VFW Operation Uplink provides an easy way for individuals and organizations to make an immediate difference in the lives of hospitalized veterans and active-duty military personnel.


VFW Post 9934 regularly donates funds to the VFW Operation Uplink for purchase of phone cards. Post members, and the general public, may donate funds to the Post for this purpose and the funds will be forwarded.

(NOTE: Funds donated by individuals and businesses to VFW Operation Uplink and VFW Post 9934 would be tax deductible.)

For more information, Visit the VFW Operation Uplink website at

Or write to:

VFW Operation Uplink
VFW National Headquarters
406 W. 34th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111